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Wide-Format Plotters Service

Don't let the downtime affect your business. Let us lend you a helping hand with Laser Express GP printing services. Whether you are printing architectural plans or large format graphics, we can do the work for you while we repair/service your equipment. We can run your print jobs in our own "In House Print Shop". 

  • Get Fast On-site repairs for your HP and Canon Plotter

  • Is your wide-format printer out of warranty?

  • No longer under service contract with HP and Canon?

  • Need to move your wide-format printer?

  • Installation - unbox, setup and install.

  • We offer Full-service Maintenance Agreements

  • We sell ink and paper/media


What We Offer

We specialize in wide-format plotters by HP and Canon.

We sell and service the machines as well as supplying all of the inks, toners, and media.

There is a huge variety of plotters varying in size, functionality, and print quality.


Let our experienced representatives help you find the best plotter for your needs.

With every service call we do the following:


  • Encoding Strip: To ensure quality prints, speed & proper image positioning

  • Paper Cutter Blade: To prevent jagged paper edges.

  • Paper feed assembly. To prevent paper jams.

  • Ink Supply Station: Helps printheads from drying out.


Grease the Carriage Assembly axle rod:

  • A dry axle rod will cause the carriage belt to break.

  • The carriage assembly holds the ink cartridges and needs to smoothly zip back & forth for good print quality.

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