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Provide us the make/model of the printer and the problem you’re experiencing and we’ll help you decide how best to proceed. Many printers can be fixed cost-effectively. Laser Express can be on-site to do the repair usually the same or the next day. If it’s time to replace it we can help you find a new or refurbished printer that compliments your particular office environment.

Whether you need a repair or replacement, Laser Express can help promptly at a fair price.

Our refurbished printers are:

  • Maintenance on a new printer is much more expensive than that on a refurbished one

  • Maintenance on refurbished printers can happen on site saving you money and time

  • Your business may not require the performance of the latest products so choosing a refurbished printer could help you avoid a needless expenditure

  • Our refurbished printers come with a standard 6 month warranty (extended warranties can also be purchased)

Our refurbished printers are:

  • Meticulously cleaned

  • Tested by skilled technicians

  • Equipped with trustworthy replacement parts

  • Updated with firmware

  • Then tested a second time

Brands Serviced

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